March 06, 2011

"Thank You South Eastern Trains"

This blog post is dedicated to the hard working, and often, beleaguered workers of South Eastern Trains, who, as yesterday proves, are not all jobsworths that the media often portray them as.

I picked up my girlfriend Charlotte at about 5.25pm yesterday from Sidcup Station, and we made our way to the cinema with a few friends. On arrival at the cinema, Charlie was distraught to find she had left her handbag on the train, containing all the usual essentials.

One phone call to my mother - who was in the vicinity of the railway station in question - and it put into motion a frankly impressive turn of events. Firstly, Sidcup station staff searched the platforms and related car park of Sidcup station, whilst also phoning ahead to Gravesend Station - the train Charlie had been on, was now heading for Gravesend, where it was promptly searched by members of Gravesend Station staff, a South Eastern Trains guard, and several members of the British Transport Police.

The handbag was found, and held at Gravesend while my mother and sister raced down there to collect it.

I on the other hand, was consoling a fairly distraught Charlie, and was much relieved to hear the bag had been found - complete, with all her various items still in it.

It just goes to show you, that although the trains may on occasion be late, South Eastern Trains do care about their customers, and the swiftness of the action they took is not only very gratefully received, but much appreciated too.

In short, thank you South Eastern Trains, from myself and Charlie.

Until next time!

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