December 31, 2014

"Happy new year"

So the countdown has begun. Parties are being set up all over the country. I myself am heading to one in Sidcup, for various reasons, not least certain work commitments and family ones too.

2014 was the year I started to turn things around for myself. I can say that and be both proud in some things I've accomplished, and of course embarrassed at the things which went wrong. But hey, the road is full of imperfections.

I'm still on that road. That very very very very very very long road, called life. Stuff happens. Things fall apart. Things get put back together. We're not just talking modelling here people!

Things get better. Things get worse. Things come to a head. Things just happen unexpectedly. Things get delayed. Things suddenly brighten up, and things change for the better.

By now the word "things" no longer looks like a word to me so I'll cut to the chase.

2014 was change. Lots of things (there's that word again) changed, some stayed the same. The biggest changes had the smallest impacts at first, but some have stayed with me.

I'm looking forward to 2015, and I hope you are are too. Wherever you're going, whatever road or railway line you're taking, be sure to treat each and everyone the same, and enjoy life.

Who knows, you might end up on a railway platform, unaware that change is just around the corner. I live in hope.

Happy new year!