March 23, 2011

"Hornby Clerestory Conversions - Part 3"

The first of two packages I was waiting for, arrived today. They contained a few packs of Bachmann's standard round headed sprung buffers, and a pack of Hornby's standard disc wheels for coaches. Both were extremely cheap (a pound a pack!!!), and as this is being done on a budget, gratefully received.

The buffers are not correct by any means. The reason for my thinking here is thus. These coaches are going to be used as background coaches in my films, and will be bashed around a bit. I therefore went for a set of buffers I knew were durable enough to survive a few rounds of filming with me! They don't look too bad actually, and when compared to the original style Hornby buffers :blink: They look magnificent by comparison! :lol: They work very well too, nicely sprung and simply fitted into the existing holes without massive amounts of filing and drilling.

So this is the state of play with the first coach as it stands. I'm waiting on my second package, from Dart Castings, containing the necessary torpedo vents to fit to the roofs. Still in two minds on the roofs, am thinking it through and working out the cost of making new ones, if that's the route I feel I need to go down to make them look better.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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