Saturday, 25 July 2015

"BRWS Ltd Update #7: Saying goodbye..."

The July update I had planned has been put back for the time being.

It's been a very difficult month and this morning, though not unexpected, made things a little more difficult.

Orders will still go out as planned and I'll still be responding to emails. I just need a little time to sort things out both at home and in my head.

Fallling in love doesn't come easily to me. When it happens, it's rare, and it's real. The first six months of this year were amazing for me, the happiest six months of my life so far. I don't remember getting up to go to work with such a can do attitude as I did between January and June of this year.

When people like that come into your life, it's very difficult to then say goodbye and watch them leave.

If you're reading, I will always remember the good times. Ice skating amidst skyscrapers, valentine's day theatre trips, castles in the country and many more besides.

I cannot believe how much happened in the first six months of this year and I still can't get over...that it's over.

I made some bad choices and acted badly, and paid the price for that I guess.

One thing, one positive thing, out of all of this. Two years ago I suffered the worse kind of heartbreak. I never thought I could feel that strongly about someone ever again. That sort of love that overrides everything.

It turns out, I can love again. And one day I will again.

So thank you for the time we had together. I only wish we had more time.


Monday, 6 July 2015

"BRWS Ltd Update #6: Empire of India, Talyllyn 150 and a new stockist joins the proceedings..."

So to start us off in this sixth update of the year, here's a few images of no.11 Empire of India which is nearing the finishing straight. A lucky find by a contributor has happily led to me getting the roof and tender painted correctly!

That is, with the tender painted black above the beading, and the roof painted black down to the edges.


 Overall I am really happy with her and she'll get a run out at the Erith Model Railway Club this week.

Now we move onto the big steam event of this year. Talyllyn 150. I was very gratified to be able to go with a couple of close friends (including one Ryan Hagan of the Sodor Island Forums) and we enjoyed seeing all of the different shades of red on offer!

Of course, the two guests from the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway were Russell (making a first trip back, and a first trip in steam) and Prince. Both very handsome engines which I admire greatly. The compactness of Russell is astonishing towards the front end!

What's a trip to the Tayllyn without seeing one of the old ladies? Talyllyn herself looked resplendent in her new livery, which I personally thinks suits her the best of all the liveries I have seen. Much better than that lined black...!

Of course there was one engine who wasn't going to be in steam, and sadly Sir Haydn will have to wait a little longer for his overhaul...

I don't think I have ever admired a narrow gauge engine as much as I did Talyllyn that day. The vast majority of my photographs she's in somewhere! Looked fabulous. Nearest the camera is Douglas who I generally ignored the whole day. Sorry Douglas!

Russell is an astonishingly powerful locomotive for its size, but one of the quietest operators I've heard for a good long time. I doubt that'll be the case when she's running on her home railway!

Then of course, there is the other old lady, looking utterly resplendent in a matching livery to her sister.

Dolgoch really looked rather wonderful. It does beg the question, what livery will we see them in for Talyllyn 200...!!! (If I live that long!)

I did manage to sign a few of our books and generally meet and greet anyone who wanted an autograph. There was one chap named Lewis who made my day by recognising me sitting in one of the coaches! Thanks Lewis, you really cheered me up that morning :)

Finally, we have a new stockist! The Corris Railway has agreed to take ten books on and they will have them within the next week or two. 

This brings our number of stockists in the preserved railway world up to four. To that end, I am preparing a new part of the website giving links to these railways and advertising them a little better our end.

Until next time!