June 20, 2010

"100th Blog Post"

This is my 100th blog post - where did all the time go?! That means I've been doing this blog for approximately two years. I can't believe it. To mark the occasion, I thought I'd post some recent pics of Copley Hill Mk2 - which will be going to the great scrapyard in the sky later this year to make way for Copley Hill Mk3. The current baseboard is going to become the storage yard, and the main front to my new workbench, and the new Copley Hill is being made on purpose built baseboards, and stocked with new buildings I am currently working on.

But that's for another time - enjoy the pics.

The above pic shows how small it really is - it's tiny in reality, I try and make it look a lot bigger on Youtube with certain camera angles and editing tricks. The shed is a very short sort of "relief" shed, only long enough for a W1 (I have now confirmed this!) - but since I only ever show it from this angle, modeling the rest of it would have been pointless for a cheap film set.

There is a photograph on Flikr which shows an Ivatt 2MT sitting with a standard 3MT - number 82029. Here I have tried a similar shot, but I'm minus the 3MT at present!

My D16 waits for the day when I can replace its connecting rods and crank pins - they are currently just place sitters for it to sit and look like a complete locomotive for show, until I finish the (correct length) connecting rods.

Two of my favourite locomotives - my "Hornby A2" - A.H. Peppercorn, and my Hornby A4, Sir Ralph Wedgwood.

St.Mungo and Sea Eagle wait patiently on shed in this shot.

...and just for fun, I got "Allen" out to feature in my 100th post. W.P. Allen, the engine he is based on, was a Copley Hill stalwart for many years and so it seems fitting that he features in this blog post.

Thanks for reading my blog up to its 100th post - I've loved writing this. It's not a blog that I would profess is a "must read" like George Dent's superb blog, but it's something that keeps me sane in the quiet hours!

Until next time - onto the next hundred blog posts!

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