March 27, 2011

"Hornby Clerestory Conversions - Part 4"

The next stage in the Clerestory build was trialing various shades of British Railways Carmine paint. I've settled on this shade, which is my own mix, making it up as I go along with various acrylics. I did try Railmatch's enamel paint, but didn't like the finish particularly.

I have, under advice from a few chaps at the Gamesworkshop in Bluewater (where I get all my acrylic paints for mixing up), undercoated the coach in Scorched Brown, on top of a base coat of Chaos Black. The result is that seen below.

My shade has been made up from a roughly 4:1:1 mix of Red Gore, Chaos Black, and Scorched Brown in that order. I'm in two minds on the shade - on the one hand, I think the evenness of this paintwork is debatable (having an off day with the airbrush), on the other hand I'm rather pleased with the shade, though I'm not sure it's quite there for a perfect shade of carmine.

The lighting hasn't helped in my overall opinion of it, though I feel this photograph best represents the shade I've created.

Until next time, when I will hopefully be tackling the roofs with some torpedo vents, and finishing the rake off with transfers and weathering.

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