March 22, 2011

"Hornby Clerestory Conversions - Part 2"

The next stage to the GCR Clerestory story, has been removing the curved Great Western style grab handles, on the outside of the doors. That was done with a scalpel, and some wet'n'dry paper, followed by some light brush strokes of black primer to check the smoothness of each area before progressing.

The roofs have also been filed down on each of the three coaches I am working on, and after a fairly abortive attempt at building it up to make the GCR curved profile, I'm back to square one and currently open to discussions on how best to do it.

The bogies have been shorn of their tension lock couplings, and look much better. The Hornby buffers have been removed off both ends of each coach, and overall, while they are looking very drab at present, they are starting to look a little more GCR and a little less GWR!

Final pic for the evening, my little production line of three coaches - the fourth is being held up as a "before and after" style piece, before being converted in the same manner as the current three.

For four coaches I bought from the Loughborough Model Centre, two and a half years ago now, for a ridiculous £15 the four, they are proving to be useful acquisitions, and certainly helping me build a little confidence towards modelling once more.

Until next time!

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