July 02, 2017

"Of model railways and petrolheads"

Life really does throw some curve balls at you some times. Like leaving a job and finding yourself unemployed...and the opportunity of a lifetime coming along very shortly afterwards.

I said yes to that opportunity and a few thousand miles of air, bus and train travel later, I am now back in Sidcup nursing a few midge bites and about a stone lighter in weight!

This year was about finishing the restoration of the Volvo estate. You'll find the whole journey on DriveTribe, here. The highlights have been the Volvo 90th Birthday Celebrations at Rockingham raceway in April and now being asked to take part in a concours for unexceptional motor vehicles!

Then of course there was going to Iceland and having the absolute time of your life with your best friend and two excellent new friends. A place where the sun truly never sets. It was magical.

Going to Scotland and...well, you'll have to wait until November for that one. But suffice to say, it was as legendary as it was totally bonkers and life affirming! Channel 4, around November. I am very excited by the scope of that film project and it will be a great watch I am sure.

2017 has been a year of incredible change. I am not just referring to my weight (!) but to all kinds of changes, good and bad.

The outside world can seem scary at times, the news hitting people harder thanks to the almost invasive social media and reporting that happens.

The outside world is not as scary as it is portrayed. In every corner of this earth are good people going about their daily business.

I've witnessed this. Hikers in Iceland, willing to share water and tips for photography. The townspeople of Scotland, resting weary plate layers in their barns, houses and fields. The online communities for cars, including but not limited to the good people of DriveTribe.

It's been an incredibly tough year for my family. I have done all I can to support them. I've also done a lot that I needed to do for myself. The job hunt begins in earnest this month after some time away.

It's crazy how things line up sometimes. It doesn't always go your own way. Things can seem bleak. Truth be told, circumstances, situation and environment dictate how you feel. It's up to you to break out from that and find the positivity.

I have just spent two weeks in the company of some amazing people. It was life affirming. It was life changing. I am looking at a new industry to work in, potentially. I realised I had potential to feel things again that I thought were long gone. I was made to feel like a member of a team, someone who brought something positive to the table. I made new life long friends.

2017 isn't over yet. We are over the halfway mark. It's fast becoming the best year of my life. Who knows where it will go next.

I can only apologise for the lack of updates. There's so much I want to tell you, but non disclosure agreements are strictly non elastic. You'll hear much more from me when I am able, I promise.

Thanks for reading, and your patience.