March 21, 2011

"Hornby Clerestory Conversions"

After a little prompting from a few friends on the LNER Encyclopedia forum, I've started work on modifying some Hornby Clerestories I got on the cheap into some pseudo Great Central Stock, to eventually go into carmine livery.

So here is one of the coaches before:

And here it is after its been stripped back, tension lock couplings removed, and the roof filed down to the correct style:

I'm currently scouring the net for a source of roof vents suitable to fit onto the roof, but as yet haven't found anything. The next photo shows the difference in the roofs: I filed down the plastic vents and edging to smooth it out, Great Central style.

Have ordered some paint - these will be going carmine (according to a chap on the forum, the last ones were condemned in 1958, so a few most have had it), and will be painted, weathered and fitted with three link couplings, as an exercise and overall guinea pig in some techniques for future models.

Until next time - hopefully with a matching set!

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