March 23, 2009

"Back Log"

So much work, so little time...

First and foremost, my apologies. I do intend to update a few posts with some updates - the B12-D16/3 post is next on my hit list, but I haven't had time to dedicate to the blog due to university essays getting in the way...

Not to mention that a certain fifteenth episode of a certain Youtube series is now in production, and will also be the subject of a few posts for modelling on here. To be filmed and completed, then aired sometime in the next five weeks...!

So for now, I'll be working, working, working! But I will return and give this blog the attention it needs and deserves. With that in mind, here's the latest pic of the D16/3 (now numbered 62536 and awaiting its mixed traffic lining).

March 13, 2009

"From a B12 to a D16..."

This is a Hornby B12. This was a life expired model that appeared as "Stephen the Holden B12" in my youtube series The British Railway Series on several occasions. The motor was dead, the model battered, and it was time for a change. It was replaced by a newer, but similar tooling Hornby B12 model.

This model has been the subject of some severe bashing, to turn it into this at time of writing:

When I get back from my BUCS pentathlon meet this sunday, I will edit this post to show how the project progressed from the 4-6-0 life expired model to the fresh faced and decidedly familiar, but different Edwardian 4-4-0.

Until then! Enjoy the weekend.

March 06, 2009

"One more project...!"

Strange looking thing isn't it? Definitely not from the Eastern region.

This is a Bullied Tender for a "Battle of Britain" Dapol kit I picked up cheaply - I am building it for a friend on his instructions. It will have several modifications from the real-life prototype.

Again, I have mixed the paints for it up myself - I find that really rewarding and relaxing in this hobby. The shade of blue I call "NWR Purple" - as in different lights it looks more purple coloured. The red is from the Gamesworkshops range ("Blood Red") and needs to be a lot neater!!!

Wait until you see what I've done to the engine, though...!

March 01, 2009

"Projects on the go"

Modelling wise, there have been a least three projects at any one time I have been working on for Copley Hill.

There's of course, Tornado:

Now finished externally, with the cab roof painted cream, "named by" plaques fitted and an A4 chime whistle attached to the inside of the smoke deflector. The next modifications to be made are going to be things like a high intensity light and a smoke unit.

Then there is this project, also nearing completion:

I am just awaiting transfers for the cab and tender, and for a nameplate manufacturer to get back to me with a quote for 8009's plates. Then it will be finished!

Then there is this build, which appeared from nowhere last week and will be the subject of an indepth post next time:

It's going to be an approximation of a D16/3, which has been built from an old B12 model, and a donor locomotive who has given up its motor/gearbox, wheel pickups and DCC chip and board. it's getting there...

Finally, there is this sorry state of affairs:

I was almost at the last hurdle with Great Northern...and then some problems with the footplate (again) reared their head.

I have two options - leave it, and fit the valve gear - or take it apart and rebuild it so that it becomes more than it is.

I have already decided on option two, but it will have to wait. I am going to do a small job on the valve gear, which is fitting a scrap set of Brittania valve gear for the moment. The locomotive is required for filming an episode of The British Railway Series at Easter, and as such needs to be able to run reasonably, and look reasonable for that. After that, I will dismantle it for rebuilding - and get my vision of an "A1/1 from an A1" finished. Many thanks to Tony Gee for the copies of some Isinglass A1/1 drawings which will help immensely with the rebuild.

That's my first update for March. Let's hope by the end of March, I get at least one of these projects finished!

Until next time.