Sunday, 2 November 2014

"A quick selection of Hornby Gresley P2 pictorial updates"

Just a couple of quick pics to show where I am with the P2. Cabsides are in the process of being modified to the correct cut out size...

…the driving wheels and pony/cartazzi wheels are now painted black...

…and the body shell is coming along nicely, with the resin lower sides amalgamated with a Hornby smokebox front and top upper third. The ACFI water header bulge has been removed and the A4 top to the boiler blended in.

Lots more work to do, but she is getting there. The big worry was taking the chassis apart and putting it back together once the driving wheels were painted but happily all seems to be working fine.

Until next time.

Monday, 6 October 2014

"Class O6…no.3505"

In the second world war, something rather odd happened. The London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) took delivery of several shed loads of London Midland designed Stanier 8Fs, or to give them correct classification (as this is an LNER centric blog after all) class O6. These excellent work horses were put to good use and were given Gill Sans yellow lettering and numerals to suit their new owner.

I'd always wanted to model one of these, and to my delight some photographs show that they got as far south as King's Cross post war…!

My chosen locomotive subject, no.3505, can be seen photographed in the appropriate Yeadon's Register in a surprisingly clean state. This model has been converted from a very badly battered Hornby model I bought off eBay for - wait for it - £15.

Yes, £15. This model had no motor (bought for £5 and fitted for nothing), no tender frames (bought for £7) and the running plate was converted using a brass masters kit I bought second hand (£5). Total cost, £32. Who says budget modelling can't be fun?!

The locomotive was stripped, primed, and then given a coat of gloss black before press fix numerals and lettering from the HMRS Transfers range were applied. Immediately I can see I've done the numerals a little too far apart. I hope after some weathering this won't be noticeable. The other side will be better, I promise! If it still looks odd, it's out with the fibre glass brush and I will start all over again…

Overall it's given me a nice unusual modelling subject and one which will raise a few eyebrows at exhibitions. I must admit, not being a Midland fan (at all) being able to work on a couple of Stanier's finest has made me appreciate the handsome clean lines of this design in particular.

However, give me a Thompson O1 any day. Elegance re-defined in a beautifully utilitarian manner.

And on that bombshell…goodnight!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

"Dark liveried Duchess"

You may remember some time ago, that I bought another of the Great British Locomotive series models, a Stanier Duchess, numbered as 6220 Coronation. The intention was to put that model into wartime black livery as City of Lancaster, but give it British Railways numbering and LMS lettering. How did I get on?

Pretty well as it happens! She's been quietly stripped down over the last few months, repainted and mated with a now fully modified matching tender, together with some Modelmaster nameplates and a fully rebuilt loco drive Hornby chassis. The total expenditure for this model is a little under £45, the static model coming in at just under £5 of that total number!

I did initially have the nameplates in a slightly different location, but a friend pointed me in the correct direction for putting them right. Now centred over the driving wheel, I have to say as a non Midlander I think the class looks very handsome in plain black with brass nameplates.

She's missing the numerals and lettering, and a touch of weathering, which will come in the next few weeks I suspect. Once done she is firmly going into the pool of "run what I like" locomotives for running something a little different. She is not going to be the only Duchess I have in any event - one other will be built as exchange trials participant City of Bradford.

Until next time.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

"Thompson B3/3, slight change to the chimney…"

Evening all!

I've done quite a lot of railway modelling these past few weeks, preferring to concentrate on my locomotive projects for the time being.

Although I've only showcased the B3/3 and streamlined P2 projects in particular, I've also been working on a Thompson A2/3, four Thompson B1s (in apple green), all five of my Gresley A3s, and been doing some more painting of A4 body shells. Watch this space for updates on all of those…I sense that the express portion of my stockist is almost complete on a number of levels.

No more big engines after the end of this year I suspect! More tank engines of the J50 and N1 variety will be on the cards, as well as consolidating the existing N2s, L1s and similar I already have.

Moving back to the B3/3, which had a minor update. The GCR chimney, on reflection and from feedback I received on the LNER forum, I replaced the top half with a GNR style cap to improve the overall look further.

The effect on the locomotive is notable and it is an improvement both on the original B1 type chimney and the GCR one I fitted thereafter. I simply cut down one of Graeme King's excellent resin O1 chimneys, cut off the top from the GCR one, filed it and glued it down.

The result is rather better I hope!

Until next time.

Monday, 29 September 2014

"Streamlined P2…any colour so long as it's…."

The tender of the P2 has now been completed, bar transfers. Plain black livery applied, it has a nice sheen without looking too glossy.

The valve gear is more or less finished. Please excuse the slight angle here - this has since been rectified.

This isn't the finished model of course, but it is getting closer day by day and I am feeling happier about it day by day.

Until next time.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

"Streamlined P2: valve gear complete, body shell getting closer…"

The Hornby P2 rebuild keeps on rolling along...

So there's still a long way to go but I am very happy with the progress being made. A few more weeks and I hope to unveil no.2003 in full wartime black.

I think the above photograph speaks for itself.

Until next time.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

"Bit more work on the Hornby Streamlined P2…"

A few more modifications and a game of spot the difference...

A section of boiler has been removed by careful cutting and filing, and a slice of A4 boiler (left over from a hacked about Great British Locomotives, Mallard static model) has been added to make the right sloping forward boiler profile for a streamlined P2. This will be more carefully blended in over the weekend using Humbrol plastic filler.

The cylinders are now on a new stretcher and set at the right height. Placed temporarily is a correct shape but missing lots of details white metal P2 front end, being used mainly to check the length and space available over the cylinders for the plug on resin front end, and for the addition of some running plate to make the overall shape.

That's it for the moment - until next time.