September 09, 2009

"It all started 22 years ago"...

It's my birthday today! Had to write an update. My birthday was the ninth of september in nineteen eighty seven - actually being born at nine minutes past nine on that day. Freaky! Twenty two years later, the date is 09/09/09 (which happens once in a hundred years) and at nine minutes past nine, it is my birthday again. Hooray!

Got some lovely presents for the layout from friend Mark and girlfriend Charlotte (thanks guys - means a lot to me). One Royal Scot and a K3 - perfect pressies. The K3 is going to have a little unorthodox modification to it. A set of nameplates ("Charlotte").

The last present - something fifteen members of my family chipped in to buy! Was a much needed mysterious black and grey box for making some special effects in filming...

...but thats' another story! Until next time, thanks for everything, everyone.

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