September 10, 2009

"Concrete and Singles"

A few photographs of some work at 56C then. Seen above, the "concrete" (in reality Polyfilla) has been put down to form the base for the new five road shed layout. I've had fun putting 60006 onto each road this afternoon, checking the formation and praying it works each time...which it has, thankfully! You can find more information on this through clicking the "Copley Hill Layout" link in the "Eastern Region Connections Box" at the left hand side of the main page.

Next, a present from a friend is getting majorly bashed into a better representation of its class - its a Stirling Single from a Bachmann "Emily" model:

Needs the cab to be modified to better represent the shape, windows drilling out, proper handrails added and moulded stuff removed, its original tender has been replaced with the spare kitmaster GNR one (which needs repainting) and lastly, on order, a proper smokebox door...

Other than that, a good start I think!!!

Until next time.

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