September 15, 2009

"The Carriage Works"

And here it is! I've been working from a few books, some photographs I bought copies of, and the ever useful Flikr for this particular bit of scenery. It is much more accurate than the red brick backscene I made for the Day of the Deltic episode!

I made it from a spare length of wood, cut to shape (nineteen roofs precisely), covered in Scalescenes scratchbuilding sheets - corrugated iron, and then with their windows pack (one windo to a roof). Peco roof building kits cut to shape and stuck down with Araldite. It started the day looking like this:

After the sheets were stuck down and windows added (with pritt stick onto the sheets), it looked like this:

Roofs were then added, cut to shape with a stanley knife and stuck down with alradite:

Then after nine hours, it looked like this after adding the leftover sprues from the peco kit as guttering:

And finally, here it is in an aerial view of the set showing the ballasting, weathering and general decay being portrayed here...

We're getting there!

Things still to finish: the shed to do, lights to fit. Until next time!

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