February 24, 2013

"Great Northern: a few minor updates..."

I've very much enjoyed building my replacement A1/1 Great Northern from Graeme King's resin parts. 

I'm now at a stage where the locomotive doesn't look different, update to update, but there's been quite a few changes of a minor variety which have brought the engine closer to completion.

The main change from last time is the side sheets on the tender. These have now been straightened, and will be finished off with a bit of Humbrol plastic filler to blend in the Gamesworkshops green putty before adding the handrails.

I've also done the steam pipe, and handrails on the boiler (both sides) and the tiny little grab handles on the lower side of the smoke deflectors. The front coupling has also been test fitted at this stage. I do hope to get some time in the next week to fit the side frames of the chassis, but I ran out of time this week sadly.

I do of course have to fit the reversing rod and the casing on the side of the firebox too, along with straightening out the cab side sheets. After that...and we're into the painting stage. I can't wait to see it in blue, it will be the culmination of around six years worth of modelling in all its forms (resulting mostly in failure) but now producing a locomotive satisfactory for my needs.

Until next time, when I will show some updates on the apple green version of 60113 as well. It's had the major parts cut and shut, but not glued together. This model is much, much further along, and I am dreading the tender cut and shut I am likely to have to do on the apple green one (which is perhaps why I am holding back so much on it).

Have a very good Sunday!

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