November 04, 2012

"Thompson A2/1 from a Bachmann V2 & Graeme King Parts - Part 2"

A bit of black paint, some nameplates and the smokebox numberplate, and the change from V2 to A2/1 is all but complete. There's lot of areas where I need to apply filler to smooth the bodyshell out in the various cuts made, so this isn't quite the final entry to cover on my cut and shut project.

Further things which need to be done include adding a smokebox upper lamp bracket, the front coupling, front steps, cabside numbers, apple green paint to be applied to the dome and some sections of the boiler. But the majority of the model is more or less complete.

If you're wondering how it is attached to the chassis, I moved the screw threads under the cab 2mm to the left and right in order to use the existing connecting points on the A2 chassis.


I've also taken the opportunity to run in the A2/1, and check the valve gear, prior to taking the model to the High Wycombe model railway club next week for some play time on passenger trains. The valve gear is running rather sweetly, and I'm delighted that it's working more or less perfectly.

So there we go: how to build an A2/1 from a Bachmann A2 and the latest edition Bachmann V2, using Graeme King's excellent resin castings, and a lot of planning involving scale drawings, and testing the theory on a test bodyshell.

Until next time, when I hope to have finished the model, complete with weathering.

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