November 09, 2012


Here's a video which I have published on my YouTube channel recently, on behalf of a friend. This is one of the best "amateur" productions I've ever seen (and the word "amateur" is an insult to the work put in behind the scenes!), and I am proud to have played a small role in the film.

 The initial shot of the Morris Minor rolling up was down to Chris and I playing around with his car and making sure the "M" lined up centrally. This required someone to push the car, and the other to brake it, whilst unpowered. Guess who was pushing it!

All of the scenes with Christopher and the Policeman (Donald) on the bike were filmed using my Volvo estate as a camera car, with the tailgate up for tracking shots, and the side passenger windows down for alongside!

It was great fun assisting Chris on the Bluebell Railway too, and I can say with hand on heart, I've not ever had so much fun filming. Please watch the film, enjoy it, and then share it with your friends and family. I guarantee you that the end sequences will get them every time!


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