November 19, 2012

"The first test print of the book"

This is an experimental print, done by a university printing firm, to test the layout of the book. All you see here is not going to be the finished article, but the physical size of the book and the layout inside will remain the same. Some parts of the book are to receive an edit to bring the size of the book down from 114 pages to 112, and a new front and back cover based on the eBook's front cover is going to be designed.

The pictures are a little dark, but this has been digitally printed. The final version will be sew bound and on silk paper, with the artwork much brighter and more vibrant.

It looks quite a thick book! The finished version will be even thicker as this is a thin type of paper for digital printing. The finished versions will be sew bound silk paper with proper ink!

For the record, we compared it to a similar set of children's books for materials. I'm expected to price this book at roughly double the price of the comparable children's book, when the materials and print processes cost three times as much for me, as the mass produced children's books! 

However the prices for printing a short print run of 500 books were exceptionally favourable, so I think it's a question of when now, not if.

So, editing permitting, a new children's book may be hitting the market in the new year...almost a year after it was released on eReaders globally. I will of course honour my promise to knock £1.14 off the price of every book for everyone who bought (and can prove they bought) a copy of the eBook.

It's all getting rather exciting again!


Unknown said...

Great news looking forward to the new book!

Unknown said...

Absolutely fantastic!!!! I can't wait!!!
P.S. For some reason I can't find the eBook on ibooks.