January 08, 2009

"Tornado at Copley Hill, 2011..."

Imagine the scene: it's the year 2011, and we are at DB Schenker's latest depot. Built on the old Wortley Triangle, the modern diesel depot is known as "New Copley". To the right of the red-brick diesel shed, permission was granted in 2009 for a specialist and volunteer run locomotive works to be built, for maintaining main line registered locomotives.

On shed, is the three year old Peppercorn A1 Pacific Tornado, recently repainted D1500, and, restored to main line use by the N.R.M - 60800 Green Arrow. It's a cold winter's eve, and the snow covers the track outside the "New Copley Hill" preservation centre.


Okay, so none of that is technically possible - Tornado will be blue, but D1500 will still be in Coporate blue, and Green Arrow, mothballed recently, won't be back anytime soon.

But I can dream - and I thought I'd take a few photographs of my dream while I'm on shed, taking down a few numbers...D1500, 60800, 60163...

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