January 20, 2009

"Great Northern's Return"

Well, it had to happen eventually.

I was finding it rather depressing looking over at the model on my desk, only half built.

So I did a bit more work on it. It still needs lots of work, 60113, but at least it has a reasonable representation of its running plate and front bufferbeam now (and a decent set of deflectors, at last! That I need to re-file to fit).

I have started to change my mind about the colour I should be picking. I think, rather than the blue, I might go for the brunswick green instead. I wanted it to be a "bit different" to other depictions of the lone A1/1, but perhaps I could save the express passenger blue example for when I get a proper kit of it.

Then again, I could paint both of them blue and show how bad my modelling was in the early days!

Until next time!

PS. There's two photographs of the real A1/1 I stuck to my old Apple Mac, to help with the build. But what's that strange looking pacific locomotive behind Great Northern...?

That's another story!!!

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