December 19, 2008

"Winter Wonderland"

I thought I'd try my hands at scratchbuilding some buildings for a temporary winter set. They are not great, but for a first attempt, its all about learning the do's and don'ts of scratchbuilding! The shed is made out of plasticard, with brick paper attached, the backscene of the Copley Hill carriage works is the wrong colour (should be whitewashed!) but the brick comes out better in the photographs. These are made from plywood, cut to shape and painted carefully on the roof, and not so carefully where the roof meets the front facade.

The snow is soap powder, stuck down with a very diluted PVA glue, and the track was then laid on top. This was done so that, while it looks less realistic, it enables the trains to run without problems, and with several little cousins visiting at christmas, a decent running train set for them to play on was a must!

Merry Christmas everyone - last blog before christmas!

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