January 10, 2009

"Best of British"

Some of you may be aware that I make a little series for Youtube called The British Railway Series. Well, I've been making a few videos of late, and thought I'd post some of my favourite episodes here.

Here's the very first episode - and compared to the later ones, is terrible. Worth putting here as it set the scene for what was to come:

This one below is Episode Seven - a snow episode! The first snow episode, I made an entirely new set from scratch and carefully reconstructed the original using the same buildings and track. Snow was made using Scale Scenic snow, washing powder and copiuous amounts of PVA glue...! This was the first episode to feature the entire cast of steam locomotives - Allen the A1 Pacific, Stephen the Holden B12, Sir Ralph the haughty A4, Herbert the nervous V2, Nigel the Gresley V3 and last but not least, the episode's protagonist, Tavish the mixed traffic engine!

Now this episode was for our first anniversary. It was intended to be a fun episode after Episode Ten: The Legacy of Gadwall. As it turns out, its been one of the more popular episodes, due to the inclusion of a certain Hawksworth Pannier tank...this episode is Episode Eleven: Hawk Eyed!

Now the most recent episode - Episode Fourteen: Silent Night. This was the last of the Christmas 2008 specials, and, like Episode Seven earlier, had the benefit of being a specially built set, albeit with new, better detailed buildings, lighting and soundtrack. Enjoy!

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