February 12, 2009

"Digital Revolution"

I have bought a digital starter set recently, which includes a Bachmann E-Z command controller. I have bought some decoders, and a few DCC fitted models, and have been having fun with my new desk railway layout in my room at university:

I took the two models, "Digby" and "Charlie" and made them into a pseudo ex-London and North Eastern Railway J94 (numbered 68025), and "D2" (a pseudo Wisbech and Upwell Tramway diesel).

Basic disassmble and re-spray with black acrylic paint - followed by transfers and varnish. The diesel had plasticard side plates and front cow catcher added using poly cement onto the plastic body.

I've also had a lot of fun with some diesels and their light functions:

Buying that starter set has convinced me that Copley Hill, when built, MUST be a digital layout. It's actually very simple to set up - and with the DCC ready models, it really is plug in and play - the models also have very realistic motions:

The main thing has been that the DCC hangeover has been quite easy so far - I've only chipped the relatively new models, which all have either 8pin or 21pin sockets for specialist Digital Command Decoders.

I've managed to fit quite a few DCC chips in the last three weeks - most of my Pacifics have them, the 08 shunter ("Gronk") has a special slow running one, and I've also got a Bachmann class 25 to complement the Bachmann class 47 (seen in the above video). I've even started chipping a split chassis Bachmann V2 model, but more on that next time I do a DCC related post.

Next week, it's back to finishing the Great Northern model.

Until next time!

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