July 27, 2008

"Veto a V2!"

When I started to build a locomotive stud for my layout, I didn't start with research - more fool me! I would have done well to read some books beforehand!

Certainly eastern region stock is a must - but there are other types and ex-railway company locomotives, like ex-GCR 4-4-2Ts, ex-GNR atlantics and a veritable mountain of tank engines, from "Ardsley" J50s to class F2 2-4-2Ts.

However one decision that I will not regret was the purchase of a Gresley V2 2-6-2. I've had a hankering for this class in model form for a while now, and so it is that I welcome my lastest acquisition, 60903, to my stud of locomotives.

In my time period, 1950-53, Copley Hill had no less than three V2s, so I am more than likely going to get another one.

But what numbers would be appropiate? Would they have all been singled chimneyed, or like 60903, double chimneyed, versions?

More research required for my locomotive fleet, so we'll take a break from that. Next week, we'll get down to some layout planning!

Until next time!

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