July 09, 2008

"Copley Hill"

In 1950, the railway scene was a very different scene. Locomotives came in all shapes, colours and sizes, rolling stock varied from the teak finished to the carmine and cream, freight was still carried in four wheeled vans, and somewhere near Leeds, lay the shed 56C, better known as Copley Hill.

And that is the extent of my knowledge so far, aside from the description to the left of this post. Not much to go on, but judging from the locomotive shed lists, it was a small in size but no run of the mill depot. Flanked on three sides by the main lines of Leeds, it formed a triangle, with the yard inbetween.

I hope to post examples of my research here, with explanations as to the how and why, the choice of modelling subject and the modelling itself through photographs, videos and interviews.

Hopefully my next post will be more extensive, both in information and in modelling.

Until next time!

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