July 18, 2008


The above image is an ordance survey map of the Leeds area in the 1950s - and what a veritable mine of information it is! Not only that, but dated 1950, it's pretty much the time period and area I wanted to model.

Copley Hill shed is in the centre of a triangle between three running lines, as confirmed by the ordance survey map - to the north east, there is Holbeck, and beyond that, Leeds central. To the North west, is Armley & Wortley, on the line that heads out towards Bradford. There are two running lines that go south, crossing each over, from the north west to the south east, the Bradford line runs southwards towards Beeston and Beeston Junction, heading to Doncastor, while the main line from Leeds central runs south west of the shed and towards Huddersfield.

Certainly the area itself tends itself well to interpretation. The modelling possibilities could give me at least three running lines, with suburban and freight traffic to Bradford and Doncastor in either direction, as well as top end expresses up to Leeds central.

More research is required of course, but the more I look at the possibilities that Copley Hill shed gives, the more I am convinced that there is an exhibition layout in the making, waiting to be built.

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