April 13, 2014

"Silver Fox"

No.17 Silver Fox has seen the light of day for the first time…Fox Transfers etches and transfers.

The red - humbrol no.20 - really comes out well in the sunlight.

Frankly I feel a bit vindicated in the choice of blue, particularly when you compare to the image below...

…which shows an A4 in a rather pleasing, and not at all dark, shade. Frankly I think it looks the part, I am sure a lot of people will disagree with me and say I've got it totally wrong, but hey, I've put my work out there and actually done some modelling, including a full repaint and a lot of bodging.

The comparison of garter blue shades taken from a photograph of Herring Gull, found here. Even accounting for the deficiencies of film of the time, are we seriously saying that the below, the Hornby shade:

…is light enough to be considered a better match than that I've used?

For my own peace of mind, I finally have an A4 Pacific which I'm pretty satisfied with in a lot of areas, unlike previous conversions. Prototype 2 using the Hornby chassis is up next and will hopefully look just as good. I do know there's a few things I will do differently though.

The Bachmann chassis does feel like the natural choice at the minute, given the ease of the conversion compared to the Hornby chassis.

Until next time.

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