April 11, 2014


More tinkering with the GBL Gresley A4 body shells. This one, on a Bachmann chassis, has finally entered the painting and finishing stage.

The tender really does scrub up well though I will need to find a replacement spectacle glass for the tender, as it don't come with one fitted.

A bit of filling and filing was needed at the front end prior to painting blue...

…so I started on the tender instead. Note the extra access hatch added and the valances filled in and smoothed over in the corner behind the cylinders.

The next stage was a few coats of my own brand garter blue...

…painting the cab roof...

…and fitting the excellent Maygib sprung buffers.

Here's a few photographs taken outside in the sunshine.

The blue looks VERY light here but I think it will look very different when the black smokebox and the parabolic curves are added.

One thing i am very pleased with is the choice of Humbrol paint for the wheels, they look spot on. The body shell looks a very odd (if pleasing) shade of blue at the moment but I remain convinced that when the whole model is finished - weathered and all - it'll be a different story.

One random closeup of the wheels, a bit arty shall we say!

Until next time, when hopefully LNER no.17 will be revealed in all her glory. TTFN.

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