April 07, 2014

"A4 Conversions…again!"

It is almost an obsession. I seem to only be doing modelling updates of A4 Pacifics at the minute!

Here is prototype 1, a Great British Locomotives (GBL) body shell on the latest Bachmann A4 chassis, with a GBL 4472 corridor tender on a set of Hornby frames.

The model has had handrails, single chimney, access hatches added and the valances removed.

The primer has been applied, highlighting a number of areas to improve on before painting the locomotive blue.

I'm now feeling much happier about my project. Lots still to do (look at the buffer holes above, for instance, where I need to do more filling and sanding to get the shape I want) but it's starting to come together nicely.

Until next time.

1 comment:

Catkins said...

What adhesive do you use when you're sticking the bits together again?