March 06, 2013

"New project musings...Thompson B3/3?"

I still have a few Bachmann B1s knocking about, despite now being superseded by Hornby's excellent model. I'd recently bought this spare Great Central tender (spare from a Bachmann Great Western 2251 locomotive, as the GWR pattern buffers attest), and the idea forming is building a model of Thompson's lone (and apparently poor) B3/3 locomotive.

It would need 6ft 9in wheels or similar (Hornby 6ft 8in wheels perhaps) on a wheelbase with pretty even driving wheel spacing. It is in fact, bar the front arrangement, the same wheelbase as the "proper" B3, of Robinson design and Great Central Railway origin.

If I ever get further than this mockup, it would produce another unique locomotive, that is for certain!

Until next time.

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