March 20, 2013

"Great Northern: the niggly bits..."

We're at that sort of stage of the build, where Great Northern doesn't really change much on a first glance, but it does take a lot of time and effort to add the smaller, niggly bits.

In today's modelling session, I added the top electric light, and its conduit down the left hand side of the smokebox (which is a piece of 0.5mm brass rod, shaped to curve around the smokebox and carefully glued into place). The bufferbeam electric lighting will be taken care of at a later date.

The next job was fitting the speedometer, a very prominent item which was based on the A4's own type. I actually used a spare speedo from a Hornby Mallard model, which is not 100% accurate but a very good approximation. The V shaped bracket was lengthened with a bit of plastic rod, and the speedo glued onto the underside of the running plate.

All of the handrails have now been fitted, along with the reverser cover on the left hand side, and the cylinder drain cocks have also been fitted to the cylinders. These are spare Bachmann A1 components and are very close to Great Northern's actual set. I have done a little test run with the model to see if there are any problems with their positioning and the bogie's, and there doesn't seem to be any...yet!

Final photograph for the day, just a close up from a particular angle which I thought showed the bulk of Great Northern off rather nicely.

Until next time - good night!

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