March 22, 2013

"Great Northern - www.a1/ ...?!"

A little bit of humour with the title of this blog, for I well remember the lovely grey livery 60163 Tornado carried during her running trials on the Great Central Railway in 2008. Was a great year to be a Loughborough University student!

We're well and truly onto the final straight towards running in trials for 60113 Great Northern. The two year build is nearing its end!

Last few things to do before running in trials commenced, was to add the last of the electric lighting (made from resin casting Nu-Cast A2/1 electric lighting parts, and modifying them to suit 60113) and the addition of a smokebox numberplate.

The model was then given a few coats of acrylic primer (grey, from the Humbrol range).

I checked all was well before re-masking the whole model and applying Gamesworkshops Chaos Black Acrylic spray to the relevant areas of the model.

The result, is rather nice if I do say so myself!

I'm thrilled at the finish of the model. Graeme King designed this conversion kit supremely well, and for someone as ham fisted as me to actually make something like this says much of his design skills.

I'll be painting the bufferbeam red, and fitting the buffers, coupling and vacuum pipe before I head up to High Wycombe to use HWMRC's test track for final fettling and testing.

For now, I'm feeling very happy with the finish of the model. I can't wait to paint it blue, apply the transfers and lightly weather it. The culmination of a project started nearly six years ago is coming closer and closer.

A quick footnote: these are not the nameplates I will be using, I am waiting on straight sided ones, but I bought these as a set of spares in case I build a dark green one at a later date. These are a set from Modelmaster, where my straight sided nameplates are also on order with.

Until next time, good night.

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