July 12, 2012

"The YouTube Channel - Refreshed!"

Just to say the last of the YouTube updates has been made to the channel for the time being. All videos are now under "Stories" not "Series" and this is due in part to YouTube changing the algorithm for my channel to redirect people who search for "British railway series".

The descriptions and links have been updated, and you'll note almost every single video has an advert for the new eBook...which will be one of the first items in my new YouTube shop! Yes, YouTube have given partners a shop function!

The channel has also been renamed "The British Railway Stories Ltd" and the lion logo is now in place as the new avatar. All is go for the weekend I think...!

1 comment:

railmodler8572 said...

on the subject of youtube i noticed some videos were gone i dont want to be a bother simon but could you please tell me what was?