July 04, 2012

"The British Railway Stories Ltd"

The company, "The British Railway Stories Ltd" has today been registered with Companies House, and is active from today, with myself as sole owner and shareholder. The incoming company secretary is J.P. Martin.

There is not at this time (unsurprisingly!) any intention to float the business on the stock market, as all we have currently is a company registration and a company account. No premises, no merchandise (as yet...), no assets, and no employees or employee structure in place yet.

However, this is the first step towards creating a new and viable business, which I am determined to see through and producing quality children's literature and films in the years to come.

We already have a superb fanbase, a very active and profitable YouTube channel, and the first eBook on the way (Tale of the Unnamed Engine, coming July 15th on the Amazon Kindle, then on iBooks, Barnes & Noble and other eReaders in 2012 ), along with some test footage for the new series on YouTube, coming late 2012.

To say I am delighted is something else! I have always wanted to run my own business and now is the best opportunity to push it forward.

Secondly, the ISBNs for the Kindle and ePub versions of Tale of the Unnamed Engine have been confirmed today, as: 
ISBN 978-0-9573377-0-1

For the Kindle version, and...

ISBN 978-0-9573377-1-8

For the ePub version (which will be out on iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and a whole host of other eReaders and mobile phone platforms. Full details will be confirmed after the release of the Kindle eBook).

And finally...I am happy to announce a special offer for anyone who purchases the eBook, on whatever format they choose.

We will be giving a discount of £1.14 off the cost of a hardback copy of the eBook, which will be released in strictly limited numbers towards the end of 2012. The offer runs until the 15th July 2013, and while stocks last. I will be personally signing every single copy.

So, with just 11 days to go until the book is released - the countdown starts here...

Simon A.C. Martin


Oakham Road Railway Preservation society said...

That's really good to hear, my hat's off to you

Jacob said...

Hey Simon, it's me Jacob from your other blog. Anyway, I've got an idea for your first product...The British Railway Stories Season 1 on DVD. I'm very glad to see this company open. Could you mind releasing products in America?

Thanks and here's to a new company
Jacob C.

Jacob said...

Simon, when you do release products could you internationally distribute them. I live in America and I LOVE your series. Thanks alot.

Cheers and Keep up the good work,
Jacob C.

Anonymous said...

I'll buy shares...!