July 13, 2012

"Teaser Trailers & Competitions"


This weekend, the first companion eBook for The British Railway Stories will be available for sale on the Amazon Kindle platform. To celebrate and advertise this, a new trailer will air giving the exact details, and the website link to download the book from.

However...there will also be a VERY short teaser at the end of the video for our next project...which can only continue if this eBook does well! So in short, share the flyer around (attached above), share the video around when it arrives, and help us keep our dream of writing historical, entertaining and educational children's literature alive.

I will also be announcing the start of a competition (with rules and prizes to be confirmed shortly) called "Name our Unnamed Engine" to celebrate the release of the first eBook.

In all, the next month leading up to the 5th anniversary of The British Railway Stories on YouTube is going to be an exciting one...!

Until next time!


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