May 24, 2012


It's been a difficult few months. I'm going through a transition at work, never pleasant, and driving everywhere on a day to day basis can be exhausting.

What is keeping me going is the thought of finally having the first book in The British Railway Stories finally out and available on eBook platforms across the length and breadth of the UK, and hopefully most of the wider world.

All subject to discussions forthcoming next weekend, which I will explain in more detail in due course.

However, it's come to my attention that I'm woefully behind with this blog. There's no less than twelve "draft" posts of modelling in OO gauge I have written but as yet unpublished, because I haven't finished writing them up! They will appear in due course. That will bring the totals for all of the months in the year thus far (bar May) up to ten posts each.

So far, looking at the ones I need to finish writing - there's two C12s and their overhauls, a C1 and its overhaul, a monstrous Thompson 4-8-2 with 6ft 8in driving wheels, several more A4 and A3 conversions, along with a few Hornby coaches which have been repainted, weathered and modified to suit my own purposes.

So many projects, so little time, and a big new project on the horizon which hopefully will help to advertise The British Railway Stories further whilst indulging my hobby a little more, AND raising some money for charity in the meantime.

So all of that and more to come over the next few months - stay tuned, with my sincere apologies for playing the big game of catch up on the blog!

And, one more time - because I love the artwork so:


Greg said...

Looking forward to "Tale of the Unnamed Engine" Simon. Your passion for the golden age of steam and for good storytelling, coupled with Dean's beautiful artwork, will go a long way to ensuring that the book will be a big success.

All best wishes for "The British Railway Series".


Anonymous said...

Wow, this books looks like it's going to be a really good read. Just one question though - what's the 'apologies to the LNER' line referring to? I follow the series on Youtube but I don't get it. This isn't a gripe or anything, it just looks a bit odd if (like me) you don't have the context for it.

Anyway, best of luck it!


Copley Hill said...

Hi Michael - the original LNER poster was in fact a copy of a Southern Railway poster, and had "With apologies to the Southern Railway" where we have our "Apologies to the LNER" statement.

It's an historical absurdity which might amuse those in the know! :)


Copley Hill said...

Thank you very much Greg - looking forward to seeing Kodee's Canoe and Nitrogen's splendid work soon! :)

DP said...

"Driving everywhere on a day to day basis can be exhausting."
A word of advice: Never move to Texas. It won't end well.
That said, I am very excited about this book! Can't wait for the preview in the FB group next week!