May 03, 2012

"Tale of the Unnamed Engine - Front Cover revealed!"

Today we can reveal the front cover to the first book in  
The British Railway Stories: Tale of the Unnamed Engine.

Featuring the first brand new Peppercorn A1 "Pacific", the streamlined and haughty "Sir Ralph Wedgwood", and watching from the sidelines, our narrator, "Stephen" the Holden B12. 

Join the engines of The British Railway Stories in their first eBook adventure, 
taking in the sights and sounds of industriral Leeds, and King's Cross station in London!

Travel back to a time where the steam locomotive was king on British Railways, 
and admire the beautiful artwork, based on reality.

Real locations. Real Engines. Real History.

The British Railway Stories: 
Tale of the Unnamed Engine

Coming Soon to Amazon Kindle, iBooks, and a variety of ePublishing platforms, 2012.


Dave!Yognaught said...

Looks amazing :)

Chris said...

I can't get over how good these illustrations are; they're stunning!

Anonymous said...

Wow Simon! This is great! I will definitely buy this book when it comes out in the summer! It will be nice to read while I enjoy the summer breeze drinking iced tea!
~ Dominoesandtin

Tardistraveller600 said...

Stunning Simon, absoloutely stunning. I just simply cant wait to download a copy upon it's release, and I will also definately purchase a book version if one is ever released (which I have no doubt one will be someday). You've really done yourself, and lovers of your series truly proud.

Tardistraveller600 said...

stunning artwork, truly stunning. I'm sure you must be very proud, as you rightfully should be. I just cant wait for the book, you've truly done the fan comunity proud!