May 14, 2012

"Moral Support"

One of the things I have always been adamant about, is that the overall view of children's literature is warped with a distinct bias on those books and stories which are rather over-hyped by those with a distinct disinterest in this nation's history.

So I was delighted to see that one of the children's books held so close to my heart (for obvious reasons) - The Three Railway Engines, by the Reverend W. Awdry - has finally made it into eBook format.

The full story can be found here.

It might seem self defeating to publically advertise support for what many people consider to be The British Railway Stories' inspiration - nothing could be further from the truth on both points.

Whenever anyone asks me "what was your inspiration for this series?" I always respond with a single word. TUGS. Go look it up on Youtube. David Mitton's masterpiece.

Secondly, regarding pushing The Railway Series - I've been pushing for people to read these books for years. Even with the years that have gone by, these wonderful children's stories about a fictional locale, with a basis in fact, have never lost their lustre or historical significance.

So what more perfect way to remind people of the importance of railways, than to push the original, wonderful series of children's book to complement my own.

Until next time - the announcement of the release date and the platforms on which "Tale of the Unnamed Engine" will be released is coming very soon...and we may have some promotional posters to give away for FREE!

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