September 13, 2011

"Rant of the Week: Bachmann Thompson Coaches"

Just to emphasize: I actually really like the Bachmann Thompson coaches. They look pretty much like their prototypes, are well finished, cheap, and with some minor tweaking, run really well.

Well, to be fair, this rant is pretty petulant (!)

A month ago, there were five or six different types in the carmine and cream livery available on most of the box shifters' websites. I was broke, so buying any was not an option.

I am now not so broke, and wanted to buy a few for my various rakes. Are there any left? Just the brake coaches, of which I have plenty. The maroon ones - which are fairly out of period for the era I want to depict - are plentiful.

Drat, drat, and double drat!

It really does go to show that you need to buy the models when they arrive, otherwise you miss out entirely!

On the other hand, my painting skills are improving all the time, so I could just buy some of the maroon ones and give them a repaint...but with my clerestories and LMS suburbans sitting dutifully in the carriage works siding, awaiting transfers and final weathering, I think I'll pass on that for the moment.

Until next time - with a more relevant and thoughtful rant, perhaps!


Anonymous said...

Most of them are currently listed on eBay in Blood & Custard if you are still interested. Link follows:

Anonymous said...

You are wrong,over last two years NO Crimson/Cream,except full brake.Been buying them myself (maroon).They seem to go in phases of "stuff" being available,then "not" for a few years.

Anonymous said...

Also,"blood and custard" ran at the same time as maroon,it taking companies years to paint all stock.Quite normal to see half and half trains,or just a odd one or two different colours in the set.And looking at old photos (Eric Tracey books) Many sets MIXED Gresley/Thompson/B.R mk 1 stock Great thing about this period,"anything goes".Did u Know a GREEN southern set ran to York regularly from Bournemouth in the 60's ?.