September 23, 2011

"The Last Run"

This last year has been something of an eye opener for me, in terms of how to manage a "brand" so to speak, the sheer frustration and anxiety of the publishing world, and perhaps the most heart warming thing: how many people sincerely feel affection for my characters, and the films they appear in.

Of course, in the background I am working with several people on creating a CGI trailer to relaunch the series on Youtube - that is some way off yet, and the time between episodes looks increasingly lengthy.

So after much self debate, and further thought, and a few helpful reminders (and badgering!) by a close friend...perhaps I should give the models their final run out. A proper send off for the Hornby, Bachmann and various other models which have done their bit on the Copley Hill set, through the ages.

So with that, I've come to a decision. One last, glorious "special" of sorts, chronicling the final days of the engines of Copley Hill, culminating in the "last run" by one particular engine.

The development of The Last Run starts here, and hopefully will bear some fruit before Christmas this year.

Until next time!

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