August 14, 2011

"Three Days to Go"

With three days to go, I am in real danger of losing it! I simply cannot find the original trailer that was uploaded in late 2006. It hasn't been lost entirely, I know its on the hard drive somewhere, just where exactly is the key!

It has been such a frustrating and busy week that I'm finding the stress levels - always ridiculously high at the best of times - to start affecting my writing. The riots in London - some of which could be seen first hand, in and around my area, and particularly visible, the damage in Croydon, which I drive through regularly, have been playing on my mind greatly.

The safety valve - normally modelling - has been halted while I carry out necessary work to insulate, and reorganize the lofts in which the Copley Hill set and my collection are stored. My hobby is without doubt, the one thing which calms the nerves, but it's been doing me no good this last month by any means!

Until next time.

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