August 03, 2011

"A Birthday Surprise"

So I got an email today from my artist - he's been doing some fabulous work recently that I hope you can all share in soon. Anyways, he's organized a bit of a surprise for me, and as it turns out, it is a really beautifully made poster to celebrate the series' 4th year (see above).

Dean Walker - he of NE Ramblings fame - and Zachery Ehlers have come together to create this beautiful poster, featuring Herbert on the left (by Dean), and Allen (in express passenger blue, drawn by Zachery) on the right.

To say I was a bit choked when I saw it is an understatement! To be thought of enough to warrant such a beautiful piece of fan fiction overwhelms me. I can only hope I can repay their kindness over the next few months as "Project Allen" continues apace.

Until next time - with under two weeks to go under The British Railway Series' 4th Anniversary. It promises to be a good one!

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