August 01, 2011

"The Countdown Begins..."

To the right, you will see a countdown clock. On the 17th August, 2011, I will be releasing a video chock full of unseen BRWS footage from across the 17 Episodes and three specials I have made over the last four years, and I'll also be throwing into the mix a closer look behind the scenes on set.

I didn't celebrate either the second or third anniversaries, mainly due to the workload of university, but approaching the series' half decade, how could I not look back and see how far we've come in such a short space of time?

There will be updates to this blog in terms of look, there will be details on "Project Allen" to follow, and there will be a big change to the Youtube Channel, as I make the changeover to the "Cosmic Panda" channel interface.

Until next time!

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