December 16, 2010

"Change of Episode"

The next episode due to be released in The British Railway Series was "The Lady of Malta". I was never happy with the scripting of it, and have edited it greatly, but it's still not quite there. Therefore I am putting it back down the schedule until it is ready.

The story's good enough, but I'm not satisfied with the dialogue, and that's the crux of the matter.

I have decided to cut another episode altogether, and put a new one in - and that will become the new "Episode 18" proper. I have nearly finished scripting the new one, and it promises to be a right cracker, with history in abundance, and lots of stunts and even a train crash to depict!

So I leave you with one hint for the episode's "true story" (to be treated with respect, and written respectfully) - it has a Scottish theme.

Until next time!

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