December 04, 2010

"3D Modelling - Part 2"

Having worked out that the main problem with the bodyshell I had produced was overall thickness - the minimum thickness should be 0.7mm, and in order to cut down on the material used, I was to make the mesh as thin as that.

I started again and the picture above, is the current state of progress. the axle boxes and suspension are pretty basic for the moment, but for a "proof of concept" model.

I'm not going all out until we know the theory works. However, the leaf springs will be a good indications of whether or not fine detail can be provided on the model.

Everything below the running plate is standardized, allowing a plethora of different bodies to be designed and fitted on top. Given there's quite a few styles of sentinel, I thought it best to try and make the proof of concept more of a "jack of all trades" in the detail respect, a generic Sentinel shunter than a specific one, for the time being.

If this ends up working, you may see more from the Copley Hill Works - in 3D!

Until next time.

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