December 05, 2010

"3D Modelling - Part 3"

So it continues - a few hours today sorting out dimensions, and making sure it will actually fit.

You'll guess from the overall proportions that it's not perfectly to scale - this is because it is being designed to fit a very specific purpose. Overall, it's starting to get there. I'm by no means good at this yet, but practice makes perfect, and if this proof of concept comes together and works, more modelling will surely follow.

The next stage was having a go at the body - and as I feared, the proportions of the bonnet, due to the clearances required, made it look rather oddly proportioned for its prototype:

However - this is a proof of concept model. If it works, and shows what I think is possible is - it'll be a good start on the road to something much more accurate, and more intriguing.

Until next time.

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