January 19, 2010

"Storm Warning!"

A big shout out to the Loughborough Model Centre for holding onto my Tornado order - I picked it up today, and, well...

Fabulous! Every little detail I can think of has been done on this model (bar the roller bearings, but that's an accepted compromise). The livery is perfectly applied, right down to the maker's plate on the tender frame, picked out in silver. Under a magnifying glass you can read the legible printing on the dedictation plaque too...!

This is by far the best A1 model Bachmann have produced. The time taken to retool the tender body, for instance, to ake it better reflect Tornado tells me that they expect to shift quite a few of these...

I haven't had a chance to run it in yet, but rest assured I'll edit this post with my findings within the week.

Until next time!

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