January 03, 2010

"Staff Competition Entry - 65503"

You may remember some time back, that I was working on making a pseudo J17 from whatever bits I could find. I finally finished it, and here is the result. Resplendent in unlined black, a modest attempt at catching the look of the East Anglian workhorse.

It's presented in 1950s condition, albeit minus smokebox numberplate at present (this will be rectified after the staff competition is scored).

My final changes were to the tender, which still sported some bits of blue paint, here and there. The tender has now been finished in the same matt black. I haven't decided if I will weather the engine or not, I'm rather liking it as it appears here.

However - I need to obey rule 3 of the staff comp - and incoporate the PW logo.

Until next time - goodnight!

(And I haven't forgot - ballasting next week!)

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