January 07, 2010

"Stirling Single Updates"

While I was ill in November last year, I did manage to do a little modelling on my Stirling Single. In a complete departure from what I normally do, I managed to post my update on the RMweb Copley Hill Works, but completely forgot to post that update here. So, here it is!

The first part concerns the cab. I have begun modifying it to be closer to the real Stirling Single by cutting away and re-shaping the cab side sheets, and in addition drilling out the cab spectacles.

The bext job was to modify the tender. I've taken the kitmaster top and made the decision to make a new tank underneath (adding rivets in one of two ways, possibly through carefully placed suerglue dots!), and then attach to the much modified (but instantly more prototypical) looking chassis.

Here it is seen as a very loose fit, but I assure you that it looks a lot better now! All the holes have been milliputed up and sanded down, and the tender has been painted in a black primer to bring up the blemishes:

It is getting there, slowly but surely. When I return to university on monday next week (dependent on the weather!), I will be doing more work on the body - that all important driving wheel splasher I have been procrastinating on WILL get done...!

Until next time!

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