June 06, 2009

"Working at the Works"

Quite a lot of models have been and gone through the works recently, and there are quite a few projects on the go at present.

First up, a USA dock tank which started life as one of these:

...and now looks like this:

We've also had a Bachmann 4MT (made from a very worn out and dead Mainline 4MT and a fairly badly battered Bachmann 4MT second hand) go in and out - coming out looking like it should go back in! (On a side note, I've since re-done the limescale weathering - as one poster on RMweb put it, I used some overscale Seagulls for this one!)

Would you believe it started off as a green liveried example???

Finally, we have this oddity, bought off Ebay:

Which has been severely bashed into the beginnings of a pseudo J17 model. The GNR tender behind it will not be its tender when finished (I am going to use a near-correct B12 tender, with modifications, for that), however it will form the basis of the next project for the Copley Hill works - which hasn't had an ex-LNER locomotive in it for some time!

Finally - a little video to show how the model has been using the latest hornby standard 0-6-0 chassis (which is DCC chipped, and gives surprisingly good running at present).

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